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Are there any UK based couples who fancy having a play day with daddy Andy and baby Paty? My baby wants to meet her first friends in ABDL, and wants to start meeting others, but for the moment, we are only looking for couples.

Originally posted by abelmvada. So it's that cheery time of the year again Meaning Christmas markets!!!!!

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I got the train to Manchester for the very first time on my own today! Tags: abdl Diapered diapered art marmotap forced. Tags: abdl AR Diapered diapered art pogocoors.

Mommy wears diapers, too! 🍼🍼

Tags: abdl AR Diapered diapered art forced Devi-chou. Laughing at the big baby by bobbyvenice. Tags: abdl AR Diapered forced bobbyvenice. Experiment Session pg1 by Kobi-Tfs. Patreon for the rest of these outdoor diaper pictures. Siehst du, dazu eignet sich die App perfekt. I loooove diapers under clothes :-D. All set for going out and meet some friends. Holy shit this is totally bullshit. I reblogged this 2 days ago. I had the worst day at work yesterday, and almost got fired.

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My dream. My sissy dream. Neighbors Son My neighbors high school son caught me dressed up the other day. You look good.


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adult sissy baby tumblr inspector gadget penny porn Message me to learn about my feminization program. Sissy that are truly submissive need lots of help and guidance. This is especially true for helping them to wear proper night apparel. I love putting my pathetic wetter husband in the most sissfying atire and taking bedtime pictures. Also I find that if I get him all upset before bedtime that he almost always acts out in his sleep like a toddler and floods his overnight pampers. I have learned that in my years as a floor nurse and psyche nurse that upset patients who are forced to wear diapers for seclusion and four point restraints always flood their diapers after exerting so much effort to fight the restraints, sedatives, and diapers. The mornibg after these terribly troubled individuals awaken beaten down by the restraints drugs and flooding their diapers has a wonderful affect on their mean spirited ways.
adult sissy baby tumblr faye reagan school Hopefully no one is sick of all my climbing pictures yet, but we got so many good ones I want to keep sharing! I also need to shout out slcfun! I could not have xnxx tub off this move without them! They showed up yesterday afternoon when I was so overwhelmed with packing and everything needing to get done, and these 2 got my whole apartment packed and loaded into the uhaul all before dinner time! Like who pulls that off!? Thanks again guys for getting shit done and getting me on the road today! Ever seen a diaper girl hogtied?