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Welcome to the family! Check your inbox for your confirmation. What does it all mean? Could there be a "Coming to America" reboot in the works? Photo: Giphy Once Twitter got hold of the news, the opinions rolled in.


There was excitement. There were casting recommendations. But, not everyone sees it for a sequel. Can you watch it over and over and still find it laugh-out-loud funny —the mark of any good comedy? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments as always! Friend's Email Address. Your Name.

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coming to america gif susha hegre I'm pretty confident in saying that Eddie Murphy's comedy movie, Coming to America will go down in history as one of the most quoted, binge watched, and beloved films of all time. The classic storyline, comedic julie bowen nude photos, and epic character acting delivered by Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are impeccable. Packed with cultural references and exaggerated characterizations of people we all know, the cult classic film still feels like home - an inside joke we're all in on. Photo: Giphy. Is Eddie trying to get that Jordan Peele shmoney? The way Trump's travel ban is set up, who even knows if Akeem and Semmi would make it to America now?
coming to america gif futanari archive By Matt M. The 80s had many fantastic films, and many in particular that fell under the comedy umbrella as a genre. So he decides to travel to America to find his true bride, and where better than Queens in New York?! Eddie Murphy is well known for playing multiple roles in the same film, and Coming to America was the first film in which he did this. Since then it has become almost a trademark of his in his movies. Near the start of the film there is an elaborate dance sequence from some homemade ebony threesome the subjects of Zamunda.
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