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This article may well save you thousands of pounds, so I advise you to give me a few minutes of your time and read what I have to say. Krakow is, without a doubt, the party capital of Poland, and the city that so many flock to each year for budget city breaks. The two go hand in hand, and it is no surprise that Krakow has an abundance of strip clubs deed to appeal to this exact demographic. I should probably cover my ass at this point and say that everything I discuss in the article is all alleged and based off things that I have read on the internet and personal anecdotes that people have told me.

I first became aware of the Krakow strip club scam a couple of years ago when I was staying at Greg and Tom Party Hostel the best hostel in Krakow btw. Every time they called back, the phone rang for a couple of times and then went to voic. Becoming increasingly worried, the boys called the police, who were of no help.

All three of them had. Looking at their online banking statements, the three boys were horrified to see that ificant amounts of money were missing. In fact, between the czech lovely at mens club of them, the missing money amounted to 33, Canadian dollars. You read that right.

Thirty-three thousand dollars.

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The last I saw of the boys, they were desperately pleading with their banks over the phone, telling them that their cards had been stolen. Perhaps they got their money back in the end, but probably not.

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Unfortunately the three unwitting l had become the victims of a very popular scam in Krakow — the Krakow strip club scam — and it is incredibly rare for any victims of this scam to ever see their money again. Unfortunately, strip clubs in Krakow and all of Poland for the matterare not what they seem.

These days the clubs do not operate under one name or age, but are a chain nevertheless, and are well known in Poland for defrauding tourists of millions of dollars. Despite countless reports to the police of credit card fraud, as well as the date rape drug GHB being czech lovely at mens club both in the drinks and the bloodstreams of customers by Polish police, nothing ever seems to be done and the clubs continue to operate unabated. The guys will then buy a drink and this drink always comes with a free shot. Now, in this situation most guys will of course take the shot, and this is where the problems begin.

According to countless reviews online, this shot is spiked, and the guy quickly becomes incredibly intoxicated. After this the details vary but the outcome is always the same. The staff will attempt several times to run the card through the machine, showing the guy that it is being declined each time although the receipts that they provide are fake and actually the transaction is in fact going through every time.

Other, more blatant ways in which Krakow strip clubs extort money from patrons is by simply waiting until the guy is passed out from the drugs they have given him, taking his card and rinsing it dry themselves, or telling the guy at the end of the night that he owes an exorbitant amount of money and having the burly bouncers beat czech lovely at mens club if he refuses to pay up. I should mention at this point that these clubs are not ripping people off by a few pounds.

The men that become victims of this scam have thousands taken from them. Basically, however much money is accessible on your card is how much these places will take.

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They also would not let my friends come and and get me. My friends asked for help from nearby police who were not interested. All of the reviews and testimonies that I could find online mention a free cherry shot which the staff members at the club are insistent the customer drinks.

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After that they describe their memory disappearing and talk about how they often feel very ill the next day much worse than a regular hangover. This is pretty consistent with anecdotes from people I have met personally. All of them talk about having one or two drinks before becoming blackout drunk, losing their memory and often waking up hours later. When he woke up, the stripper demanded that he pay for every single minute that he was passed out because she was apparently dancing the whole time.

When he tried to refuse, bouncers stepped in. My friend says that all of a sudden i was slumped in the czech lovely at mens club. I dont recall getting back to my apartment nor what i did in the time between then and me leaving the club.

I was not really given the chance. The bottle of water arrived with a shot.

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I was content with drinking my water, but before I could finish it a girl sat with me and introduced herself as Natalia. She pointed out my shot and I said I was fine with water. And only liqueur, not so strong. So I took the shot. In hindsight, I suspect that this shot was drugged, but I am not sure what with. I suspect it was not just extra strong alcohol. I worked as a bartender — I know what strong alcohol tastes like, and I know how I can handle my liquor.

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A spiked drink is the only rational explanation for the degree of my intoxication once I left the club, given the volume of alcohol I knowingly consumed in such a long time. Unfortunately the drugging of customers and rinsing them of their hard earned cash is not where these stories end.

Many online s talk of violent attacks in these clubs, and again, while personal anecdotes are not proof, they are still worth paying attention to. He was kept in a dark room with no handle on the door and was away unconscious for 3 hours.

Thieving murdering scum. Anyhow, he got drugged, has got bruises, traces of injections and got robbed for thousands of euros and he remembers very vaguely being in absolute panic running away from danger. As a result of this, one of the men lost an eye. However, I have found some clubs that have consistently negative reviews that you should absolutely stay clear of. However, if you really must go to a strip club in Krakow then please take the following precautions: Leave your main bank card at home and take another card out with you that has much less money on it.

Even then, only use this card if you HAVE to. Try to only deal in cash.

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Leave your main ID at home and just carry something that shows your name but is not super important to you. Buy a GHB detection kit so that you can test your drinks before consuming them.

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If the test shows positive for GHB then you can take a photograph and show it to the police. Stay with your friends. If you do become victim to a Krakow strip club scam then see this article for steps on what to do now. Poland is an amazing country, full of amazing people and tonnes of things to see and do.

However, czech lovely at mens club only takes one night to completely ruin not only your trip, but your finances, and even your life. If you or somebody you know has fallen prey to the Krakow strip club scam, please let me know what happened in the comments section and also let me know if yo u are aware of the name of the club so that I can add it to this list. Travel insurance from WorldNom. Strip club done exactly as you explained. Definitely got spiked it something. Give them their dues the planned what they did meticulously and the girls were working together.

Obviously will never got back to that scum bag poor country. No wonder they all want to come to UK, horrible people. We will never rest until we get some kind of proper answers and justice. As a family it has broken us. The police are always shutting these establishments down but they just reopen czech lovely at mens club a different name. I will respectfully disagree with you on this. Scams occur everywhere but the Krakow strip club scam is a very specific type of scam that I have not heard about on a city-wide basis anywhere else.

I entered VIP Club on the first night with my friends and was relatively sober at this point. I was offered a shot by one of the girls in there to which i said no at first. I will never return to Poland, what kind of so-called developed country lets this happen to its tourists.

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Horrible place. The police were not interested and refused to let me report this to them at all. Corruption at its finest.

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The vast majority of Polish people are lovely and I do hope that one day you will return to some other cities and see how incredible this country is — these clubs are run by gangsters and Czech lovely at mens club can only hope that one day they get shut down for good. Guys, go ahead and type exact names of these clubs. I would prefer, and also recommend to others, to head Warsaw and there visit club called New Orleans. Prices are good, no scams, 15 years up in industry — this is place to go. Yes I agree, it is definitely better to say the names of the clubs, although I doubt many people know where they went!

Was there with a group of l aged 18 — We were taken to the underground bar which was down an alley way just off Ul Grodzka. It was all very discreet from the street, no bar name. No doormen were to be seen either.

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