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A common reason why sexually active couples in long-standing, committed relationships turn to porn is that they watch for ideas to try with their partner. And in our world where porn is the go-to for everything from entertainment to education, it almost makes sense…but not quite. How can you argue with two people in search of ways to improve their sex life? We would simply say that with the increasing variety of porn—including violent, non-consensual, or demeaning explicit content—there are much better, healthier sex advice sites to turn to for sex ideas than porn.

Allow us to explain.

Porn is not the best place for couples in search of new ideas because, on a basic level, porn is not produced to promote accurate sex education, mutually-satisfying sexual encounters, or safe and loving relationships. No touching, no caressing, no kissing.

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Porn cameras have no interest in sensual activities. They are only into penetration. This is not how we authentically sex advice sites. While most adults can comprehend that, porn still twists ideas of attraction, sexual pleasure, and consent. The negative narratives porn shows can still affect a longstanding committed relationship, and in some cases, it can even lead to a break-up.

So if we know where not to turn to for sex advice and tips for a healthy and committed relationship, where should we go for good info? Instead of turning to porn, a better place a couple can start to freshen their physical relationship is through honest communication with each other, if not therapy if both partners are interested in talking to a neutral but knowledgable third-party.

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We know this sounds too good to be true, but hear us out. Honest sex advice sites open communication about sex requires both partners to be totally vulnerableand in that moment, a couple can rekindle a deep connection that brings purpose and meaning to their intimacy.

True sexiness can be found in being completely open in talking about desire with a committed partner who wants nothing more than to please you the way you want.

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Committed, loving partners can build intimacy by simply sharing honestly what they are interested in sexually. This can be a time to learn to listen, and in turn, be heard.

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It can turn the conversation about physicality into more about what you give, not just get. After all, healthy love is in part about understanding a person and their unique needs, right?

Closing thoughts

Trust is not necessarily an automatic gift to a partnership when you make it Facebook official. Through open communication and honesty, a couple can build or, if need be, repair a sense of trust that will a lot of times benefit in the bedroom.

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When two people are comfortable with each other, they can explore all aspects of their intimate life respectfully. This can include changing up a steady but stale routine, creating a romantic experience and dedicating time to sex. It all comes down to honest communication, though.

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Think about it this way: turning to porn for suggestions could be a cover-up for a conversation that needs to happen, sometimes. We think the conversation is a much better solution to improve your physical relationship, without creating problems in the future.

Also, professional and d therapists can be an awesome resource for both individuals and couples.

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Even when there are struggles, porn is not the answer. Fight the New Drug, Inc. Support the movement for love!

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The value of trust Trust is not necessarily an automatic gift to a partnership when you make it Facebook official. May 14, This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. the movement!

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