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Name: Ulrike
Years old: 20

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By continuing further, you certify that you are not offended by such materials and that you are intentionally and knowingly seeking access to them for your own personal viewing. I am a sex addict, but not just regular sex.

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I am addicted to BDSM. I have struggled with sex addiction in general for something like 15 years. It's not exactly something I feel comfortable telling a typical counselor. I mostly want advice on how to overcome this. When I found out my younger brother had such a large penis, I couldn't stop sex confessions forum about him and it. I basically caught him having sex with a friend of mine, when our parents were revamping their restaurant during the last break in lockdown.

I watched them fucking for a good five minutes before I let them know I was there. My friend was so apologetic, but by then I had only one thing on my mind.

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Telling her to go with my brother trying to make excuses, she walked out ten minutes later after I said ill ring her that night. Returning to the lounge where they'd been having sex, I saw my brother putting on his boxers.

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In my mind it was then or never. Shouting at him to remove his underwear, he did as I ordered sex confessions forum watched as I removed my clothing. The look on his face as he took in my nakedness was just wonderful. Not wasting any time. I walked over straddled my brother as he sat upright in the couch. Pressed his face to my breasts and began rubbing my pussy all over his hardening cock. He didn't respond at first, probably still shocked it was happening. But once I felt his erection rubbing hard against my clit, and I began to moan a little, he started to kiss and suck on my nipples.

Reaching back, I guided my brothers enormous cock into my pussy and didn't stop riding him frantically, until I'd orgasmed three times and he'd cum deep inside my love tube.

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Once I'd calmed down a little from him cumming, which made me orgasm the third time, my younger brother lifted, then moved me so I was on my back. Sliding down my body, without me asking him to, he sex confessions forum between my legs and began to tongue my pussy and clit. I knew he'd be tasting and eating his own cum, but I somehow doubted it was the first time he'd swallowed his own juice. Making me orgasm once more, he then moved up so we were face to face, and kissed me.

As he did, my brother entered me again. Only when he fucked me, it was long slow rhythmical thrusts as we carried on fucking. Every movement into my body was so beautiful, so sexually right, I didn't want him or it to stop.

And when I climaxed almost biting his lip as I did, he quickened his thrusts making my orgasm extremely intense. Pulling out of my pussy, he tossed himself off a few times, then came all over my breasts. When our parents got back home, we sex confessions forum both sat on the same sofa my brother had earlier fucked me on. We'd showered together by then and stood kissing as we washed each other. And it was in the shower I told my younger brother, his body, cock and love were mine from then on. Now two years on, he's nineteen, I'm twenty and there's not a day that goes by where we're not having sex.

My brother does have another sexual friend. But that person is in his thirties and fucks my younger brother. So my situation is like this Wants nothing more than for me to bend her over and fuck her brains out. Over the weekend i was ordered to go to a fast food place in a very short dress with no panties on and then go to a nearby park.

Keeping it all as safe as possible mind you, I obeyed and with every bite i felt the heat rise in my cheeks and embarrassed at what i did but i kept at it bc it was Mistress' orders and i am a good girl for Mistress. I have an aunt, or technically a half-aunt since she's my mother's half sister. I've always had a sex confessions forum on her, she's unbelievably gorgeous and desirable. And she's much younger than my mother, so she isn't that much older than me I'm currently 20, so she should be around 35 or something.

It was all very platonic until over a year ago.

I'm into camgirls, OnlyFans and the like, so every now and then I pay something to watch some pretty girls and jerk off to them. Thing is, I was shocked when I saw a live video of my aunt, under another name.

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My first instinct was to log off and call it a night, but I stopped. I had the house for myself and I gave in and started jerking off to my aunt herself. I pictured my fantasy, her kissing me deeply and riding me as she moaned, and then I came the hardest I've ever had from masturbating had to clean up much more than usual, tbh.

I felt very guilty afterwards, too much to sex confessions forum up her videos again. The guilt got worse the first time I saw her after that. I was all fidgetty sex confessions forum nervous, couldn't look her in the eye It went on for a couple more times, so one day, during a large family gathering at the house of one of my uncles, which is big and has many rooms, she took me aside to his office and asked me if something was wrong.

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I tried to deny everything, but she insisted and kept asking because obviously I was a terrible liar. Eventually, I confessed: "I saw one of your videos on the internet". She went pale as I said that.

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And then I blurted out: "It was hot". She went from panic, to anger to exasperation and back again. She didn't say anything to me, she walked around the room with her hands on her head, talking to herself. She told me to shut up the two times I said I was sorry. Suddenly, she stopped in front of the door. I thought she'd storm out. But no. Before I could say anything, in like a second, she sex confessions forum the door and in a blink of an eye she was sitting on my lap, french-kissing me.

When I tried to push her away she hugged my neck and hushed me. And so I gave in. I was instantly hard and I could feel her rubbing herself against me and moaning. I tried to unbutton my pants, but she stopped me. Sex confessions forum figured it would only be a dry hump, But she kissed me so deeply and moaned so sweetly I didn't care. In my mind I was fucking her, and that was better than anything I thought possible. We were far along when she told me "now take out your cock".

She figured I must have been close to cumming, and she started to masturbate me and suck me off. I was in heaven. She sucked me like a goddess.

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