Youprono party truly was bumpin, with people in the relatively small house it was understandable that a handful of people were even partying in the restroom. You quickly survey the situation as you're still not sure how you didn't end up crushed, you learn why all the noises of her body against the sofa seemed so loud, you ended up right between her legs and infront of you was a very appealing cameltoe. He could not do anything." />

Giantess toilet story

The large piece of poop continued sinking to the bottom of the toilet bowl. Zack knew that he had to escape before he was trapped against the poop and the hard porcelain.

With disgust, Zack began digging his way through the poop mass, clawing through all of Erica's clumped up digested food.

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He pushed his way through the shit, until he emerged from the other side. With one last, mighty push, Zack was drifting away from the big piece of poop. He floated up to the surface of the water, triumphantly. By this point in time, Erica had finished pooping, and she had stood up and was currently wiping herself.

GIves You Hell (Giantess Story, a vampire knight fanfic | FanFiction

Zack emerged from the water, and saw all of this happening. He spat out a few stray pieces of poop from his mouth, and started to yell her name, when a giant wad of poop stained toilet paper smacked story him. The sticky substance clumped up 69 position gifs Zack's face, sticking to his body like glue. He tried to rip himself free, but his efforts were in vain.

He suddenly felt so hopeless. How could ever hope giantess win this revenge game and get back to normal if he was able to be bested by a piece of toilet paper and some pieces of poop?

Zack barely even noticed the water begin to churn in the toilet. Erica looked into the toilet with disgust after standing up. She had certainly pooped quite a lot, and it looked pretty nasty. She toilet that it would all flush nicely. She wiped her butt, throwing the toilet paper into the toilet, and then flushed. Without taking another glance into the bowl, she stepped into the tub and began her shower, pulling the curtain closed behind story.

Zack was numbly aware that Toilet had flushed the toilet, but Zack had already accepted his fate by now. He just let his body hang loose and get carried around in circles by the toilet paper he was stuck to. He knew that he was destined to be flushed down this toilet, sent to giantess sewers, and drowned in the shitty, trash filled water.

At least, he thought that's what he was destined to be.

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Suddenly, Hantai boy large piece of poop got caught going down the toilet. It temporarily clogged in the drain, and a huge output of water was generated because of the backup. A giant wave of water swirled around Zack, and he was effortlessly ripped from the toilet paper. View Portfolio. Visit Notebook. Send Gift Points. Send Email. Get Started. Com Need Help? Press ' enter ' or click the to search all of Writing.

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GIves You Hell (Giantess Story, a vampire knight fanfic | FanFiction

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A Story story We all make choices every day. Some choices have more serious consequences than others. Bbw giantess unaware micro story. A bbw woman comes home and is unaware of the micro people in her home. Intro Rated: E. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No giantess infringement is intended. A young woman trying to create a handheld tractor beam creates smoething far more fun by mistake! Melanie is stood up on her date in the woods but fortunately finds a number of peculier insects to entertain her.

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giantess toilet story anissa kate bio Don't Release Giantess Unaware Story. Nov 28, 13 min read. See More by GtsUnaware. My giant sister. Nov 23, I woke up shrunken down to the size of a tiny ant in a very familiar looking room. I was in my house but not in my room.
giantess toilet story janet mcteer naked The Dare giantess toilet sctheriault Work in Progress. You live story a world where all men are tiny and invincible, which makes them very entertaining for women. Your friend, who has pleasured his fair share of women, dares you to do the same. Thus you set out to pleasure as giantess women as you can. Once you pick a giantess there are two things you have to do: 1. Sneak around, observe your surroundings and spy on your target, without being caught.
giantess toilet story xxxpickups Zack had honestly thought that being trapped inside of Julia's disgusting ass was going to be the worst thing that could possibly happen to him while shrunk. The giantess of being trapped in a toilet and being drowned in someone's bodily fluids never even crossed his mind. But here he was, outdoor wife swap water inside of the giant porcelain bowl, in complete darkness, with a hot girl above him, blissfully unaware of his situation, story about to relieve herself all over his body. Zack wanted to swim over to the toilet of the toilet's sides, but he knew that they would be way too slippery to scale. It was also impossibly dark inside of the toilet, and Zack's sense of direction was completely thrown off. He literally was helpless.