Girls who play yugioh

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Even these girls who played long ago they played coz yugioh was popular much more years ago then now. Originally Posted by: checkmate I'm sexist. My Sweetie! In yugioh life I only met girls who play magic, I've never seen one girl playing yu gi oh.

Originally Posted by: NinjaUgal How about you? Ninja from NinjaUgal its not a occupation neither a job. Well there is a program called skype and you can proove here that also girls play yugioh ,pokemon ,magic the gathering or perhaps Cardfight!! Vanguard too!! I already see many videos about duels when people use skype to see each other but is truth that the most girls prefer the original life card games and not a card game from a pc or console!!

Also it's truth that the most girls on yugioh card games are a little bit fat!! I am afraid i play a little fat too xexe!! Anyway because i am not use skype of course i have not any problem if someone call me boy or guy brandi passante topless i was prefer to be a who than a girl xexe but for other female users i recommended to use skype in order to proove girls way that also girls sometimes play card games even on PC!!

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Originally Posted by: Tea82 Well there is a program called skype and you can proove here that also girls play yugioh ,pokemon ,magic the gathering or perhaps Cardfight!! Discord Group. I know a girl who kept reminding me that playing Yugioh is nerdy and she wouldn't touch it. Ironically, he has more Yugioh cards than I do in real-life.

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Likes 8. Comments Like 8. Kit Riley. The Ants. Read one more reply. Gotta make it through the first dozen or so episodes before it really picks up though.

Girls play yugioh too!

I did stop watching Arc V for a time I thought, at first, they were under-utilizing Yuya. But I'm definitely picking it back up. A friend was keeping me up-to-date, and That plot twist yo, it has to be one of the best in anime history.

I was like wow: an anime actually had the stones to do something like that, huh? The show earned my respect again in spades. I can respect that, Akiza was a great character.

My prejudice for Arc-V may be at play haha. Yuzu was doing great, improving her dueling and going through character arcs, before she got kidnapped a bunch.

Still, definitely my favorite season of Yu-Gi-Oh. Enjoyed the hub, man. Yuzu was definitely a step up from most of these Yugioh leading ladies, but I'm still going to give the trophy to Akiza. Her story of being an outsider that needed who to believe in her really touched me, and, without giving away spoilers, she doesn't get turned into a damsel in distress like Yuzu did not her fault though, yugioh was the dang writers. I mean, what's digitalplsyground deal with anime weakening strong female leads?

For once, not play would I want them to be consistent with a strong, female character's abilities without making her a man in woman's clothing, but I also wouldn't mind seeing a female as the head of a Yugioh series. But I digress: Akiza still takes the trophy. If only her and Yusei had hooked-up by the series's end, it would have been perfect. Good, perceptive hub. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Your Favorite Which character do you prefer? Alexis Rhodes. Akiza Izinski. Tori Meadows. Yuzu Hiragi. See results. No davika hoorne scandal how dark things may get, the special bond I share with my friends will always find a way to shine through!

Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Question: Who is the strongest girl duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh? Answer: Spoiler alert for Arc-V. Helpful 4.


girls who play yugioh gay ass gape Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager. If you're a big Yu-Gi-Oh nerd like I am, you've probably already delved into the card game and the animated shows. The card game is fun, but the programs range from good to, well, not so good. But we're not here today to review the actual shows; rather, we want to examine the female role models from each season. Believe it or not, a large percentage of Yu-Gi-Oh fans are girls.
girls who play yugioh xvideos prima I haven't met too many girls playing this game I was just wondering how many girls play this TCG. In my area a few girls play but there for the most part not as competitive as the boys building far more isoteric decks then compition decks Steelfallenangel5 August UTC. I know a couple of girls that play but they mostly just play for fun. I got my girlfriend to start playing. Yeah, her, my two Nieces.
girls who play yugioh toy story rule 34 Welcome Guest! To enable all features please try to register or login. Forum Active Topics. How many girls wwho know to play Yugioh did you found around? I am sorry for my very bad english. But actually, because of this forum there are so many girl that i found who like play YGO. Could you give me that game?
girls who play yugioh huge cock banging Ever wonder what a girl feels when playing yugioh? Ever wanted to know what a girl thinks when looking in on the community? Meo speaks out and gives her story as a female duelist. Preach it, sistah! This game is not worth competing in at that level to me. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.
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