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Hey everyone, Since I'm getting these questions about why you are not charged yet, I hana looking up the issue and this is what I found: " Ok, bunny from what I can tell, if you status is "Pending" it's still in the process of either going through the charges of your card or your Paypal. Processed - Patreon patron's payment was successfully processed. OK - Your patron is all set to be charged during the next payment cycle. Pending - Your patrons are in the process of being charged.

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Remember, it takes up to 72 hours for all patrons to be charged. September tier 4 patreon Mei Rise and Shine on: patreon. Hmm something's not usual mei overwatch game girl boobs ice ameizing satan. Tifa finalfantasy tifa game ffvii cosplay cool sexy.

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Tifa set now on Patreon: patreon. Casual Hana for October Patreon tier 1: patreon. Wet shirt casual hana will be for tier 1 October Patreon: patreon. Sweety pink neko for tier 2 September Patreon on: patreon. Pink Uniform neko girl shoot for September tier 2 Patreon: patreon. Something simple schoolgirl seifuku japanese school uniform cute asian girl shorthair. Lolol slavsquat schoolgirl japanese uniform asian girl cute cool.

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Black cat Ahri for September patreon tier 3 on: patreon. If you guys want some cute realistic ears you should check them out! Black cat Ahri — sakimi. Sexy Gwenom for August Patreon tier 3 on: patreon.

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Jul 18, at am. Patreon FAQ 1. I just pledged.

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What now? Can I get past photo-sets? Can I request past set every month or is it a one time thing? Why haven't my messages been replied? Why Am I Here? As I come along I've developed interest in ero cosplay or just costuming along with my regular cosplay.

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This includes lingerie, bikini, characters with sexy costumes of that sort. However, I do not want to make these cosplays completely public, so I decided that I'd only make them available for my supporters.


My patreon is created for that purpose: it is a way for me to be able to give back to my supporters What else? That should give everyone a little time to make sure all information is correct.

Hopefully you guys find these information helpful. I am also new to Patreon and getting flustered with all this stuff so I hope you will bear with me. I will make sure you are compensated for your time and effort :! Skip navigation.


hana bunny patreon wwe alicia fox sexy Are you 18 years of age or older? PM me directly to request, list is in featured tag. Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Tier 2: You will get everything in Tier 1. About Hana Bunny. Hello My name's Hana.
hana bunny patreon hot nude love making scenes Cosplay Galleries. No feel asian girl feel shirt cute. A post shared by Hana Bunny hana. Kitty kitty sexy cute thigh boobs kitty asian girl white model. September tier 4 patreon Mei Rise and Shine on: patreon.
hana bunny patreon homegrown amateurs Are you 18 years of age or older? I keep getting hundreds of question a day on something that is already stated in here, so you can find your answer in HERE. Photo-sets will be sent to you within days via pm by me. Sometimes I am out of the country or state for convention guesting. I will take days to reply usually. Sometimes it's delayed a little if I have guesting. If you're outside of the US it might take up to a month to get to you.
hana bunny patreon anal hook gif Are you 18 years of age or older? Since I'm getting these questions about why you are not charged yet, I tried looking up the issue and this is what I found:. Just be patient and it should go through correctly. It's not immediate for everyone's payment on a single day. If your status is "Declined" please double check all of your paypal or credit card information. That information is I believe checked every 48 hours, so be on the look out for any mistypings!
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