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Anybody remotely familiar with what it means to be a hippie will understand that there is much more to the lifestyle than just peace s and jam bands. Though pop culture may stereotype it into a specific aesthetic, being a hippie isn't just a sense of style or taste in music, but a philosophy. Those who are hippies understand that in our technological world, the only thing we can do is take life as it comes and in a manner that promotes love.

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Because these ethics are important to hold up for any hippie, it makes sense that you would want to use online dating to find someone who is truly accepting of your lifestyle. This is where we come in—by scouring the internet for the best hippie-oriented dating sites, we've created a list for you In terms of other generalized dating sites for hippies, eHarmony is another platform that seeks to connect people from all over the world and from different walks of life.

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Though it is technically a site not directed towards hippie dating, there is a large selection of hippies to choose from. What makes eHarmony especially unique when compared to other sites is that the service boasts an effective success rate, with the website advertising that people find love every 14 minutes with eHarmony.

This success rate alone should be enough to convince you that eHarmony is hippie dating site reviews real deal and a great dating service for hippies to use! On top of this, eHarmony will also match you with others automatically so you don't have to do any work yourself. All you have to do is up, fill out a questionnaire and begin talking with other hippies! Though using a generalized dating site might seem counterproductive to meeting other hippies online, Match is a truly fantastic service that is the absolute best option for anybody looking to find a ificant other on the internet.

This is largely due in part to the service's widespread popularity. Because it is one of the most popular dating sites in pop culture, Match has a large fanbase of over 8. This means that hippie dating site reviews possibility of finding fellow hippies on Match is much stronger than on other sites that might be geared towards hippies, but have a much smaller fanbase.

Another positive aspect of Match is that it comes with a mobile app that is incredibly useful and intuitive! It is nice to have someone to share your life with.

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If you are still looking for that special person, just know that you are not alone. In fact, there are millions of adults on Elite Singles right now looking for another caring adult such as yourself.

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There are plenty of hippies that date here as well. Elite Singles is a site that was created for busy professionals. You will not find people merely looking for a hookup here. These are serious adults who know what they want out of life. If you are somebody who only wants to browse sites specifically aimed towards hippies, Hippie Dates is the first one you should be interested in.

It is a great website that allows you to put detailed information on your profile so others can effectively find your profile in a nuanced search. Something that we especially love about this website is the "Take a Gamble" section that allows you to message a random person on the site. This is hippie dating site reviews fitting when it comes to online dating, as oftentimes the best encounters you will have are the ones that are unexpected! This site is also free, allowing you to up and start matching with people immediately! Dating for Hippies is a site that aims to match people with singles in their local area, something that makes it stand out from other sites that end up matching you with people from different continents.

The Dating for Hippies interface is also quite innovative, allowing you to access instant chat alongside flirtation messages. This reminds us a lot of social media, making Dating for Hippies an especially engaging website!

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It's another website that is entirely free, allowing you to keep your dating pool as large as possible. It's also incredibly gay friendly! One of the most important parts about being a hippie is knowing how to effectively ground yourself when things feel like they're getting intense.

This is why it's important to have a website that allows you to include mantras and affirmations with your profile, as this makes it easier to show others who exactly you are on a deeper level. Hippies Date achieves this, allowing you to not just be a hippie on their platform, but also clarify with deep nuance which type of hippie you are.

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If that wasn't enough to convince you, even their -up instructions are a series of affirmations about finding love! What makes Hippie Now different from other hippie dating sites is that it's part of the Online Connections dating network.

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This means that there are a handful of other related dating sites that your profile can also be shown on without you having to spend any extra money! This allows you to not only have a large reach with your dating prospects, but also be sure that you're reaching those who are truly hippies. This is another one of the gay friendly sites!

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As another one of the most popular generalized dating sites, Zoosk is a service with a large community that also happens to have a lot of hippies ed up for it. With over 40 million users, your chances of meeting hippies on Zoosk are pretty high! There is also an app for both iPhones and Androids in the event that you want to take your dating life with you on-the-go. Through the interface might not be as strong as other generalized dating sites on this list i.

Match and eHarmonyZoosk is still a wonderful option. Green Singles is a dating site specifically for individuals who want to meet people that are not just focused on being hippies, but also environmental activists. This is why Green Singles is part of the Conscious Dating Network CDNa network of online dating sites that are focused on environmentally friendly principles. Not only will your profile be shown on other sites within the CDN, but you will also meet people from all around the world as a result hippie dating site reviews the site's robust international community.

If you're a hippie who is especially focused on your inner spirituality, you'll love Spiritual Singles as a dating site. This is a unique website because it specifically focuses on helping singles who value personal ethics and spirituality, making it a great place to go for those who want to be conscious in every part of their life. Meeting a partner who truly understands and loves you for who you are is something that everybody wants. This is why it's so important to know which dating sites are appropriate for your interests—you can narrow your search and go straight to a dating pool that fits your hippie dating site reviews We hope that this list has been helpful so you can have a successful love life!

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. July 10, Otherwise, continue reading to see the 10 best hippie dating sites below. Top 10 Hippie Dating Websites. Major Features.

This is a fun place to meet friends and possibly develop a long term relationship. It is also queer-friendly, providing multiple different sexualities and gender identities! Hippie Dating Frequently Asked Questions What questions are best to ask on first dates in hippie dating culture? Dating in hippie culture is often based on a combination of two principles: The relationship should be laid-back, but you're also seeking a strong emotional connection.

When learning about a new partner, some people will go for a job interview styled interrogation.

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The first date may end up feeling more like the other person was auditioning to be your partner. That can be intimidating, especially if the questions you ask are personal or more baggage-heavy than is usually socially acceptable on a first date.

At the same time, many hippies are frustrated by the rules of casual dating. Most laid-back relationships have a period of surface-level conversation before diving into anything deep. When a person wants that emotional connection, they can get so impatient they want to scream. So these are some ideas for things to ask on a first date that won't trip your partner's alarm bells, but will tell you hippie dating site reviews lot about who they are: What's your biggest passion right now?

What are you searching for in life? What kinds of mindfulness or spirituality do you practice?

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What's the most exciting thing going on in your life? What qualities do you find most valuable in people? Tell me about the first book that comes to mind that inspired you. How do you spend an ideal Saturday? If you want to ask about your potential future and your date's past on the first date, you can. Just be aware that even the most innocently-posed questions can be taboo for some people. Here are some suggestions: Describe what your perfect partner would be like. Why did your last relationship end?

What was the relationship like?

What kind of relationship most appeals to you right now? What would you consider the perfect outcome hippie dating site reviews this date? What common first date questions should you avoid when hippie dating? Everyone is different. Hippie culture isn't a strict mindset so much as a set of shared values and priorities. There are plenty of self-identified hippies who want to get the traditional date answers. But there are also reasons to consider passing typical questions over. A relationship that's built on emotional connection doesn't need to be immediately concerned with finances.

You don't have to ask about your partner's job, career aspirations, or business plans. You can ask about their family, but it won't tell you anything new about them. The same is true for inane things like TV shows and movies. These are some questions that many hippies like to skip on the first date: What do you do for a living?

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What's your family like? Do you have any pets? Do you have any kids? How do you want to improve your life in the next five years? What's your favorite food? What TV shows do you like?

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