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Name: Marika
Age: 18
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So a friend of mine just turned 18 and he really wanted to go to a strip club. I've been to one before but I decided to take him along club forum strip a few other friends. I really didn't know what to expect from it, actually I didn't go expecting to spend much. Now this isn't private, its in front of everyone which means if you get one of these a ton of guys are gonna be looking at you or rather the broad rubbing your penis. We didn't pay for seats, the place was pretty full when we got there so most of the seats were taken by then.

To my surprise there were a lot of guys with their respective wives watching the show. The birthday friend went at from the gecko, he immediately pointed out he wanted a private dance with the blonde chick. She had a massive and I mean massive ass with some decent sized boobs. He chose his next chick, Tracy and went on to pay for 4 more privates with her.

I think she let him touch everything and touched his club forum strip. Being my first time, I also decided to get a private, so I went and chose this tall chick with a Kardashian ass and tits. It was amazingly good, I mean being realistic I would never be able to get a girl like that considering she was much taller than me but I do get hot girls just like Simon.

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Taking advice from my friend I tried out Tracy, I felt she had saggy tits but it was entertaining, she sure knew how to make a willy feel good. Before leaving I decided to try one of the girls that looked like was having a bad business day.

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I had only seen her with one other guy so I payed her for a dance, and was well worth it. Her breasts were small but her ass was great. I'm not sure how these things work considering it was my first time but I felt the service was cheap and quality. Anyway was it cheap? What experiences have you had in strip clubs? Click the Show button to reveal. It had the worst crack head losers of lifes lowest form in there and was club forum strip the glamour you may think.

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At the weekend though they hired in agency birds and they were tasty as fuck. Seen some proper eye opening things in there over about a 13 month period. Sounds more like a brothel than a strip club. Ones I've been if you touch the girls the bouncers touch your face with their boots. I club forum strip particularly like strip clubs if I'm honest, though the best looking woman I've seen in my life was working in angels in town.

Jesus she was immense. Bouncers were all Ukranian or Russian and were absolutley huge and nasty looking, so much so you spent the whole time sat on your hands.

I spent 7k at the strip club

Well, its not like he's now going to go there every week or I hope he doesn't. I guess it can become addicting. Its a strip club, but some of the less graced girls will do anything for a little bit of extra cash. The place to me seemed very cheap and the girls were quality for the price but again it was my first time so its not like I have something to compare to. I went into. I took ChickenLickin to one in London to try club forum strip set him straight.

That was 80 quid down the drain. I went to Tallinn, some mates got separated so asked a taxi driver to take them to see some girls thinking he would take them to the strip clubs we were all in.

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Something got lost in translation as they ended up in a supermarket on the outskirts of town with two grannies dressed liked Britney Spears who were prostitutes. They had to pay not to have sex with them so as not to offend! Well, There were two bouncers on the door that did not step a foot inside the club.

They were for show purposes only, checking ID etc. The owner Jason, a big fat mother fucker and a massive coke dealer was also a promoter for some crappy boxing guys and they would walk round doing the security inside. Niko, was from eastern europe and club forum strip there was this massive black fucker from Ghana. I never knew his name every one club forum strip called him Boss. There were no drugs to enter the premises, as obviously the bouncers on show would strip search everyone.

However on arrival any dance you get off the house girls and you could pick and choose what drug you wanted.

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Afterhours was where most of the real shit happened, select punters, with the dollar of course were always allowed to stay and had their pick of the girls. I never knew how much these punters paid but it pretty much was a big orgy fest. The owner and his goons and a couple of his mates including myself would sit a couple of club forum strip down having a few ts and chilling out.

I must say that the first week I worked there I was unsure whether I could stick at it, but after a while it was quite a nice feeling being "in" with these guys. Obviously a lot of free drugs and dance's was a bonus.

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On the otherside of things must of the girls were pretty nasty. Most of them had some kind of drug addiction and "issues". You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. See all Subscription Plans. Recommended Posts.

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What really goes on in the back room of a strip club?

Unrighteous Barzini I tried out Tracy, I felt she had saggy tits but it was entertaining, she sure knew how to make a willy feel good. Nantwich Girl is that you? Fowlers God 1, I was the bar manager in a strip club when I was Trumo 14, The birthday friend went at from the club forum strip Bobby Hundreds 8, Only Strip club I've visited was in Tallinn on a friends stag do.

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Absolutely stunning Ukranian girls who were pushing for private dances right from the off. Definately an eye opener though! This is getting stranger by the minute. He knows they're a bit clingy right? NIred1 1. Wor Horse Strip clubs are fucking awful. Guest simon.

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The Dude Abides 3. It could only happen Simon's world where you have to pay to leave. Son of L8 Who would want to leave Simon's world? Chinandeler Bong 1.

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