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If you do all your saves are also gone, learned that the hard way XD.

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I'm playing on the android platform, and I've run into a problem. I'm on Chester's route, and I'm at rule34 part where I'm supposed to type anything I need to take with me. Bara keep typing "no" so I can continue with the story like it prompts you to, but everytime I press go the screen doesnt continue. It just keeps the text open waiting for you to enter something The only time the story continues is if I press space and then go. However that only leads to the next screen to say something like "why would I need to take that?

Apparently this is a general Ren'Py issue with android. Others have reportedly gotten around it by using an external keyboard or different keyboard app. I have a rule34 regarding the customizability of the MC. Is that something that's currently "in the works" and if possible, can you talk a little about it? Unless I'm missing some sort bara blog or site that I'm unaware of. Pretty sure only the current customization of hair and skin color are going to be allowed.

Otherwise it's way too many variables for the sex scenes.

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Work on the Richard route will be bara when one of the others most likely Grifter completes. Slightly sad that there wasn't a dozer update. I'm really invested into the character now, I love everything about him especially the design. Now I'll have to wait at least another month before a dozer update. Can't wait to for the trip to be updated.

I'm currently having rule34 issue with Harold's day 32, there's a reoccurring error when Richard has a dialogue. I just keep clicking ignore and tried to keep playing. It kept on like that the whole time he drove me to Harold's house. I hope this can be fixed. The same rule34 happened on Chester's day 30, when i went to get the trophy for Richard Might be a sprite error, post naked black booty photos error in a screencap and i can look at it.

If its a aprite error its nothing to worry about. Either redownload the game or wait till the mext update for those paths.

Same issue here in coach day 32, it went on for like 2 minutes before switching back to the actual scenes. You can see what goes wrong under the 'while running game code' section. For example, in Chester's route, the problem is in the coding to change Chester's expression. So, I'm replaying Darius' route, and the old artwork is back, is that supposed to be or naw? Odds are good it never left.

There's a big section in the middle of all routes that's still not updated. When is the public update going to be released? It's been a while since bara last time it was updated, I can't help but worry about it How do you top Chester? I've tried to do different choices but I can't seem to figure it out.

What choices should be made differently? I rule34 it was a possibility now if I'm not mistaken. Are you sure about that buddy id say Spencer would best Chester anyday I still love my big moo tho.

Wait, are you talking about Chester or Spencer? Spencer is the only one bara can jenaveve jolie threesome or bottomed, and Chester's route doesn't even have any anal sex whatsoever at the moment.

There is a Chester anal scene tho. He tops you.

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I was wondering if there was a way to make the scene different for him to be on bara. Chester is the bull. Spencer is the husky. Chester has also stated that he is going to be bottom since he is too big for the protagonist. Spencer has had full anal sex in his route, with either him topping rule34 bottoming depending on certain choices throughout his route. Did Richard or Azaghal going to have their own routes? Extracurricular Activities. About Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character you! Please read the DevLog for more information!

More information. Download Now Nude sunbathing selfie your own price. MAC Version 1. PS Version 1. Aug 16, Jul 16, Jun 16, Comments Log in with itch. Justicus 1 day ago. Regonoreth 1 day ago 1 edit. Polkn 1 day ago. Any way to fix rule34 or am i gonna have to wait until the next update? Seph 1 day ago. Which platform are you downloading it for? Polkn 20 hours ago 1 edit.

Im downloading it for Android or are you asking what version of android? Seph 16 hours ago. Huh, interesting. Polkn 16 hours ago. I use google chrome and so far this is the only issue i have had Just wanna say thank you for an amazing game :. Loland 2 days ago. I hope to change it to an exclusive Azaghal story. Regonoreth 1 day ago. Well, that is what fanfic is for.

Alternately you could just bara him. I'm deep into the Spencer route and I am absolutely in love with this game. FurryFan 6 days ago. Keep up the awesome work! FurryFan 3 hours ago. Thanks so much! Imma try that and see how rule34 goes. Preeetty sure that ain't happening anytime soon. Loland 10 days ago What to do if some background doesn't show up.

Patiently wait for the author to put them in in an update. ThatOneGuy rule34 days ago Loland 10 days ago. Why am i on spencer route bara kiss picture. Bruk28 11 days huge monster tits. MissingLink 13 days ago Only if you do. You're bara one controlling him, after all. AE 13 days ago. Is there somewhere I can put fanart?

Because I drew Mariaaaaa. And I want Dyne to see bc eeeeee. AE 11 days ago. Regonoreth 17 days ago. Pretty sure he's GerBear's character, so you might.

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Pokipokemon 20 days ago. I forgot how to answer day 27 on harold with the what month were you born. I bara seem to type a month in the day 27 harold.

LemonCreamPie 21 days ago. I believe he's said he plans for 35 days for each route. Such great rule34 and artwork! Sanctioned13 23 days ago. Either way great work! Mukjz 24 days ago.

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I tried resetting my phone but to no avail ;-; I want to see Darius new update damn it. Kikoman 24 days ago. Do bara have the previous version still installed? That's the only thing i could think of Mukjz 14 days ago. Seph 23 days ago. Download the apk through a different browser. Chrome usually breaks apks when downloading. I'm using Samsung browser. Will try it with other browser tho.

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rule34 bara selena gomez playboy magazine cover Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character you! The choices you make can impact the way you teammates react to you, so make your choices carefully. Currently, there are five dateable characters, and I hope to add more down the line. If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron to help support the project! You pawg tranny do that HERE! The writing and programming are all done by myself.
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