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Until we went Swinging in Swindon we had always been to private meet ups and house parties. But we had met so many people that really enjoyed visiting swinging clubs — all over the UK and in fact, the world.

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Brown is a terribly organised person! He never takes anything on unless it has been thoroughly researched. Just near the club were also a few bars and restaurants. We had fun sitting there with our wine, looking at other couples near us and trying to guess if they would be heading to the club later too.

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In fact — we were right with most of them! The Swindon Swingers club itself is nothing to look at from the outside.

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It has one of those doors that makes you question whether you are visiting the right place. But — due to his research — we knew we were, and once through the doors we were greeted by a very friendly group of people and immediately felt at ease.

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Now that we are a little more experienced, we know that all clubs can be hit and miss. Some nights are quieter than others — due to the weather, the football, the state of the economy — and of course if there is another big event going on.

The night we went to Swindon it was probably only half full.

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The club itself is a maze of corridors and rooms and steps. Once you have got used to it its fine — but at the start it felt as if it went on forever! There is a dark room complete with cage wall; its quite small with a bench running along one side of it.

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It was pretty busy when we went it, but mainly with single guys. There was one woman on all fours on the floor though and she was providing some very stimulating entertainment for everyone around her.

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I stood just outside the room and put my tits through the cage side. Three or four hands played with them which is always a big turn on for me. The good thing about this room though is that the glory holes have windows that look into the cinema room and in the centre of the room there is a play bed where exhibitionists can really have their moment!

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The glory holes are small and obviously — as usual. The club also has a BDSM room with a viewing gallery.

The bar and lounge area is fun. We had a chat to a few other couple and had a few drinks, but because of the small of people, it felt a little empty once they were off playing in the various rooms. It is important to add that we visited the night called Remix, held on some Saturday nights for gay, straight and bi-sexual visitors.

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There are no limits on who can attend — male or female, couples or singles. Nor will it ever matter what percentage of who attends, this event is open to all sexes and sexualities.

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All in all how did we feel about our experience? Will we go again — yes certainly. I think it takes some confidence to make a night like this work and I now question whether I was confident enough.

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Take a look at their website and check the dates, the dress codes and the rules of course. Now that sounds fun too! Sparkle and Brown are swinging couple. Sparkle is in a platonic relationship with Brown, who describes himself as a 'hetroflexible man'.

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She always knew she was bisexual. They started to swing together after watching a channel 4 documentary on the subject. Have your say Sparkle and Brown Sparkle and Brown are swinging couple.

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Our Night with a Transgender Woman in Amsterdam.

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