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It's kind of all dumb that it's in the game but the payoff for the hostess was worth it to me. Just so unintentionally funny. I love that game, but certain aspects about the story left me hanging, like the "girlfriends", if you can call them that. I assumed, "Emma Missions a big name, so dating probably my potential girlfriend for the whole game and there will be all this drama when she realizes I'm involved with the Triad but really an undercover cop What the fuck just xxx cute xxx I disagree with Vinny, Sleeping Dogs is a dogs game, but the story had potential but didn't go to the places it should've gone.

Sleeping : I don't know if it's half-assed. In a way I'm happy that they didn't force you to go on 10 dates or more with each girl to raise some gay4cam meter. Although I did enjoy some of the missions where you got to know your own character a little better through interaction with the girls.

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To me it was clearly half assed and cut down. If there were not missions cut out of the hostess dating then I guess Wei is a totally psycho clinger. And he gets in a relationship with a naked games and just completely cuts off contact with them for the rest. As a few others have suggested, it should have just had one or two romances and had more depth to them.

The only one that felt whole to me was the rich girl near the end but that was because that's totally the type of girl that would like to drive around in a fancy car with you and then bang and that's that.

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terry farrell naked ArtisanBreads said:. I agree with Humanity on how they didn't force you to take missions on pointless, non-mission dates to earn whatever "upgrades" the game had like they used to in titles like San Andreas or whatever, but it would've been nice if they cut down on the "power fantasy, fuck-everything-that-moves" and focus on the few girls dogs seemed interesting and incorporate them into the main story.

The dissonance wasn't as bad as it was in GTAIV with Niko, but Wei is supposed to be this classy guy and suddenly he's stalking dating woman and cornering her even though he's moved on to someone else.

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Xbox handle: Skitz Gaea. PS3 handle: NaclynE User Info: naterkix. Darkive posted If you open the map with the SELECT button and then press square you can see the locations of all the collectibles you've got and then after doing the required date mission the ones you don't have will also show up.

Collected ones will be white while uncollected are gray. A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.

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User Info: jovan GameFAQs Answers. Table of Contents. Sleeping Dogs Guide Game Guide. Cop Missions. Secondary Missions. Dates Collectibles and Maps. I won't talk that much about the date missions since they are pretty easy to finish, I'll just go over what you do and I'll link a video if you need a visual guide for one of them.

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You meet Amanda during the mission, er, "Amanda". Calling her will start the mission "Photograph Amanda" You meet up with Amanda at Victoria Peek but you find out the park closed so you "convince" the guard to let japanese surprise sex two in. And then you do what the name of the mission says, photograph Amanda.

When you finish dating Amanda, Health Shrines will appear on your map. When you finish dating Tiffany, Jade Statues will appear on your map. Over at the park, you distract a police officer and then you hack a camera. When you finish dating Not Ping, Cameras will appear on your map. When you finish dating Ilyana, Lockboxes will appear on your map. You meet Sandra during the mission, Fast Girls Calling her starts the mission, Fast and Hot Sandra You meet up with Sandra standing next to the car she wants you to drive.

She then wants you to drive at high speed for 60 seconds. Don't slow down, you gotta go fast After dating Sandra, new races will show up in Victoria's Peek.

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Should the player date Not Ping, whose phone number is only available after dating Tiffany Kim, two optional side missions will be unlocked. The first side mission is started in front of your safehouse in North Point by doing a favor for Calvin.

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Upon completion of the side story Tiffany will break up with Wei.


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sleeping dogs dating missions sexy naked girls gone wild Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. They introduce these really interesting characters, like Amanda, then you go on one date and never see them again?
sleeping dogs dating missions geronimo stilton porn After conversation with Sandra, you will be driving a sport car. Your task is to ride at a high speed during the sixty seconds. It's easiest to do on the road from Aberdeen to North Point. Remember that you have to maintain the high speed all the time. When it's done, take the girl back to her home and ends the date. At the beginning you have to take a walk with Amanda and make her a photo.