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You love hairy women - "women" being the key word - in a world where it's far more common to see grown women shaved clean like little girls.

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And really, can it even be considered a fetish to like what grows on a woman's body naturally - lovelycurlythick hair around their pussy, ass and armpits? Less than a hundred years ago, hairy ladies would have been entirely the norm and in fact, the opposite would have been considered quite abnormal.

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It's only an accident of the times that led to your being born in a century where hair on a woman's body is not only against the fashion but is actually considered a faux pas. There's no denying it — today's personal style for women means having as little bodily hair as possible.

Modern women shave, use depilatory creams and wax themselves into a smooth, hairless skin texture that everyone is supposed to find sensual and desirable. You crave a lush bush of hair between a woman's legs, arms or even armpits. You love the fact that it has the musky smell of her hairy women dating site in australia body and that it adds a softness to the experience of sex in many positions.

But, any casual visit to the beach nowadays will tell you that hairy girls are in a distinct minority. In fact, so many women pride themselves on a lack of bodily hair!

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What's a lover of hairy women to do to satisfy the urge to bury their faces — and cocks — into a fragrant thatch of hair in today's world? It may be possible to see hairy armpits in certain circumstances, but it's really not feasible to find out that kind of information about your potential girlfriends, dates or hook ups alike without ruffling a few feathers under the usual circumstances.

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Sure, if you have a steady girlfriend, you can ask her if she wouldn't mind throwing out her razor. Then you'd have the pleasure of watching her bush as it grows.

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But, it bears remembering that even if she loves you, she may not be willing to put up with the curious stares - or the people who will assume that hairy women are trying to make a "feminist statement" - or that she's a lesbian or any of other ridiculous assumptions. Even in our liberal world of the 21st century, having a preference for hairy women is still not something that is well understood or that many people will admit to.

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It creates potential hassles for a sweet preference for hairy women that is only a real appreciation for a woman's body in its natural state. When it comes to casual dating and hook upsfinding hairy women can become a bit of a nightmare — or an endless frustration. What happens when you meet someone you think you like at a pub or on the dance floor? When it comes to the end of the evening, how can you ask her, "I'd like to take you to my flat, but first I have to ask: do you shave?

There's really no good way to broach the subject when you are looking for hairy women.

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Even if the answer is no, it might come as a huge turn off — an unwelcome question and an awkward moment that can put a damper on anything that may happen afterwards. Badults is the easy way to cut through all the nonsense to just what you want: hairy women who are waiting for your kind of genuine appreciation. A lot of men enjoy the smooth touch of a woman's skin, but there are many more who like to see and feel the growth of soft hair.

Not only does this serve as a turn on due to the sexy look, but also because it shows when a woman really embraces her natural beauty.

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Why should you have to settle for a woman you're not attracted to? Get back to your roots by finding a woman who loves her arm hair and is proud to have it. Her confidence with hairy arms proves that she takes pride in her body and isn't afraid to show it off, which can mean a fun time for both you and her. If hairy arms is a fetish you've always wanted to try, there's no better time than now to explore.

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You might be surprised with the excitement it brings to your sex life because you're finally discovering the fetish you like. Naturally, personal hygiene becomes very important and you have your preferences when it comes to how you like your hairy women. At Badults, once you set up your free profile, you can post and ad looking for hairy girls and then filter the responses.

You can set up chats online first with likely candidates where you discuss everything honestly without worrying about anyone's funny ideas. And of course, you can see pictures of the goods so you'll know exactly what to expect from the encounter. The world at large may not quite understand your preference for hairy women, but online you'll find a world of people who do, an open minded community where you'll feel at home.

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