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Name: Billy
My age: 35

I'm going out with a girl I met at a bar too. She had only been working there for a month or two and when she told me how much she earned in a month I was shocked. I just give her her monthly wage cambodian bar girl so that she can spend nights with me. I also paid for some English lessons for her and she studies so hard and I call that repayment enough.

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She's from the province and she's trying to do the best that she can. There's a story floating about on the internet somewhere how a bar girl will buy you a drink and then you find yourself first counting seven fingers and then wake up with your belongings but without your wallet. When one knows how much these girls earn, if you really expect them to buy you a drink then you deserve what you get.

Mostly though it's bullshit, the girls will never hurt you. The story is likely propagated by insurance companies wanting you to take insurance. But still, please buy the girls a drink, even if they don't actually buy the drink, you are doing cambodian bar girl a big favour.

Great post Twinsguy, it explains very well how that world is put together. As I can nicely compare after 8 years in Thailand, I can say that Cambodian bars have more hostesses than Thai bars. A hostess is serving drinks and if you offer her a drink she will you and be nice company. This all has nothing to do with the other types, the bar girls that go with customers. They are two different kind of girls and jobs. Hostesses are cambodian bar girl girls, I have several friends among them and my present girlfriend works in a bar as cashier, meaning pouring drinks, making bills and collect the money.

A cambodian bar girl job, like being a hostess is a decent job too. Bar girls that go with customers are generally also nice girls, forced into that world by misfortune in life. There is no financial duty to support your kids until they are 18 years old, so the guys just walk away, leaving the girl with kid s and no money. One way out is that the mother raises the kid s and the girl gets to work in the bars. That does not make her a bad girl, they are mostly lovely and soft girls, that still smile as if they are happy, but you can see the sadness in their eyes.

Both type of girls deserve respect, not looked down upon.

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They did not ask for the misfortune, they loved their husband, until he left them. Get them a drink or more, they deserve some support. Cheers Joe. I totally agree with Twinguys20, The girls I have meet are hard working, pleasant, honest. Many work two jobs to make ends meet. If yoou ask me they are grossly underpaid. Everybody should receive common courtesy. Respect has no value unless it is earned.

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I think some think too highly of women they don't know. Likewise, people assume many others are "beneath them" merely because of where they were born, the jobs they do, etc. Don't assume anything of people but watch, listen, be as respectful as you can but don't assume everyone will respect honesty and kindness. IF you think people are not good, for whatever reason, and you are dealing with cambodian bar girl by choice - that really says bad things about you.

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No one is going to tell you - "I have family that would be absolutely sick if they knew I slept with different men and I could live with them and work as everyone else cambodian bar girl where they live but I like to drink, do drugs, wear sexy clothes and earn a lot of money for little work. I would not hesitate to date a bar girl You must have a high self esteem But I can understand as most of the replies have been posted by aging men who have more chance to score in Cambodia than in USA or EU, or even Thailand Really, you need to support women to have a chance that they stay with you?

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Sorry but in Cambodia or anywhere in the world, it has never been and will never be the correct way for me. Some people [Westerners] forget that there is no social security or welfare in Cambodia. A girl that is left by her local husband [without any financial compensation for the kids he produced] is just that: a girl with no money but one or two babies.

No institute will help her, give her financial support, the ex husband is not obliged to pay for his kids and he won't. Cambodian bar girl girl's mother offers to take care of the kids, but the condition is that the girl gets a job and sends money home every month. Two babies costs quite some money. The girl, as many girls, did not have highschool education so what job can she get? One of the jobs she can get and earn reasonable money is working in bars, karaoke and so.

There she has the choice to work as hostess [no sex] or as a bar girl [going with customers]. It's not a choice or life style, she is forced to send or more bucks home. Still they are lovely girls, looking for a steady and financially secure relationship. As most local men don't want a girl with kids, plus the fact the girl is fed up with the attitude of local men, she concentrates on foreigners. Can you blame them? I can't. So local men are smart enough to avoid girls with kids and foreigners are happy to cambodian bar girl care of second hand uneducated women?

I'm so happy that I am not that old yet! So if you would meet the girl of your dreams you would reject her if she had kids? Or even if cambodian bar girl was married before? What a load of macho non sense. If you love a woman you also take care of and love her kids, simple as that.

And not at all related to age, I feel this way since a was a young adult and still feel this way. I was married in Thailand with a woman who had two daughters of a marriage. I loved them to pieces and although we divorced 5 years ago I still have contact with my!

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Your heart feels love, no matter if they carry your genes. Too much self esteem maybe, but I am happy with it. I have no women of my dream, I am not that weak, women are just useful but not something to dream about. How weak can be "men" on this planet is beyond understanding.

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And if you want to know, I had hundreds of them with whom I could have stayed, educated and cambodian bar girl supporting, without kids, but still, no interested to become any woman slave, ATM or supporting idiot. It's new for me! Sorry but for me people who do not have any credibility are people who can accept anything or anybody just because they are scare to be alone, but I agree that it means most of you.

Let's see if when I will be old I will have such a low esteem and hope in life that I will accept any ugly poor single mom woman to stay with me You have no clue and clueless people have not much of a future. Who says older men accept anyone, as you say? Who says older men accept ugly women? You should get out more and look around, many senior men [me included] have the most beautiful wives or girlfriends. Because the girls try to improve cambodian bar girl life, to give a future for their kids, doesn't mean they are ugly.

It's not the ugly ones that succeed, it's the beautiful ones that find a reliable partner. The only real question is why people do not like someone who is more ambitious than others and do not mess with low life uneducated women? And I have no problem with old men who accept anything or anybody, I just do not like people who pretend to have all choices they want and lie that a bar girl or a farmer is a first choice woman.

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Also, when being old, I guess that I will still be rich enough to choose anybody I want to be my nurse, and it won't be a lie You still expose your ignorance, why? Personally I have had girlfriends that were teacher, registered nurse, ant, student. Does that show enough that senior men also go for other than bar girls?

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But it doesn't mean bar girls are low life as you call it, a horrible insult, they are under-educated that's true but no way they are low lives. You can respect a group of people without getting them involved in your private life. The whole idea of this thread was that one should not look down on girls that work in a bar, and understand that it's not a choice for cambodian bar girl, they are forced into it by men like you, who see them as "usefull" only, another horrible insult.

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Wake up and see the world with open eyes, you might discover that it's not really as bad as mommy and daddy have told you, discover the world, can only be good for you. Please grandpa keep your advices for yourself, sorry but I am sure that I am not interest by your point of view and way of cambodian bar girl.

The day when someone living on a forum will teach me anything about business or women has not yet come. Many low life expats living with low life uneducated women then wonder why it didn't work, if they are still alive to wonder.

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Also, it is just ridiculous to say that women are forced into prostitution, it's what people like you want to believe to feel better, but nobody is forced in anything, and anyway, if you think that these girls really spend their money to give a better life to their kids, you really know nothing. Just look at the mobile phones that they use and you will understand more where is going the money.

But I have no problems that you all live in your dreams, if it makes you happy, but you are mostly liars to pretend to decide cambodian bar girl marry a bar girl if you had any other choice. Marry them and support them but do not pretend to be real men who can choose.

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I am surprised that a person of your level of ignorance has survived in Asia, as you say, for twenty years.

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