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Dating apps operate on the principle that giving users more options will help them find the perfect match. The overabundance of choices may be leading to swiping fatigue, also known as option paralysis.

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That can feel overwhelming, and studies show that when people are presented with more options they often are less happy. Listen to users of dating apps discuss their experiences. What do you do after breaking up with your ificant other? Inthe answer is often downloading or re-downloading an online dating app — or two.

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Leah, a year-old social worker and graduate student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, did exactly this in And when that ended, I was like, you know, I gotta move on. I gotta try something else, because I think part of it was that he was still like my only option dating app fatigue the time. That something else was Tinder, a dating app that, according to reportshas roughly 57 million user s.

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She was nervous at first and initially rejected the idea. Tinder, which launched inis often criticized for promoting a hook-up culture and reckless casual sex.

The app — and several others like it — works by pairing people based on geographical location. When both people swipe right, a match is made, and the two can begin a conversation.

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If one or both people swipe left, no connection is made. The formula is easy to understand.

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The choices for swiping are plentiful. That can be a positive.

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Or it can lead to option paralysi sa phenomenon in which having more options makes it more difficult to make a choice. Users are expected to judge potential partners based on only a few pictures and a short biography, and that can make it much harder to pick a single person when there are so many profiles to sift through.

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And many people start to feel fatigued by the constant searching and swiping. Not at the moment, but I definitely have. Leah is not alone. When users are expected to judge an entire person in a matter of seconds, productive matchmaking is hard to come by.

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Other apps have emerged since Tindersuch as Hinge the first app that Leah downloadedwhich aims to change the swipe-based formula. But they all often suffer from the same issue: eventual exhaustion from the paralysis of choice, and from the ability to fly through dozens of people in a single sitting.

The problem is evident to many people who use the app.

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But how can it be fixed? How can dating app users overcome the choice paralysis? In an Atlantic articleauthor Julie Beck dives into the declining rates of public satisfaction with dating apps.

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With Tinder getting a reported 1. John M. Grohol, the founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of Psych Central, an online mental health resource, said in an.

Dating can be draining if you don't take care of yourself.

Research supports this idea. The study concluded that the students who were able to choose from a larger selection of potential dates were less satisfied with their choices than those who chose dating app fatigue a smaller selection, and those who chose from a large pool and also had the ability to change their minds were the least satisfied. But is the grass really greener on the other side? But when all the major dating apps on the market e.

What actually causes swiper’s fatigue?

Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Hinge are based on casting a wide net into an infinite sea of people, how can we avoid this seemingly inevitable fatigue? Maybe the solution is to change the interface of dating apps. But what would that look like?

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This eliminates the expansive options, and forces people to truly try to make a connection with a specific person, instead of falling back on the idea that there are millions of other people to choose from. A perfect match app, she said, cuts down on the volume of conversations and would potentially help people focus on forming a true connection. Quarantined at home due to the COVID pandemic, Leah, like many others, was spending her time chatting with someone on a dating app. Although they had matched dating app fatigue the mass social distancing had begun, their frequency of conversations had increased since then.

Interestingly, this kind of interaction happens often enough that Leah and a friend of hers have turned it into an opportunity for comedic relief.

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And if you continuously run into this problem, fatigue begins to set in. While an app that reduces options might seem like a perfect fix, it is unlikely to be implemented any time soon. But it is a for-profit industry…if their app worked too well, then dating app fatigue would very quickly find partners and move off the app, which means they make less money. But I mean, I see myself continuing to online date.

What this story covers: Dating apps operate on the principle that giving users more options will help them find the perfect match.

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